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As your agency of record, your marketing efforts and dollars will be most efficient and effective. Our fully integrated approach of brand development, strategy, production and execution means one hand always knows what the other is doing. No vanity metrics here! Efficient, effective, creative marketing focused on improving cost per car sold, employee retention, and overall brand connection.


Congruent Is The Agency of Record for Sun Auto


Congruent Automotive is the agency of record for Sun Auto, the largest used car dealer in Central New York. In 2018 Sun transitioned their business from traditional used car sales to a "one price" model. Coming from an agency background, Marketing Director Robin Moore understood the value of high-level creative and execution to educate the market and change public perception of the dealership model. Robin brought us on as a creative partner to run point on this extensive rebrand campaign during Sun Auto's decisive period in their business.

Within three months of starting Sun Auto’s marketing cost-per-car sold decreased 36%.

From reworking their existing brand marks to reinventing their video and commercial tv strategy, we overhauled Sun’s image and perception in the market. In the process, we upped their engagement on social media and drastically reduced the cost per car sold.

Scope of Work



So what actually goes into a rebrand?

When you say “rebrand” many people think of a new logo or app icon. A new logo, while fun, is an easy undertaking. What isn’t easy is thinking through everything associated with that logo. New design directions, new signage, new print pieces, a new website, and so much more.

In less than a year Sun Auto saw a 27% increase in brand related searches.

Our creative team designed a style guide to give ever piece of Sun media thought and intentionality. Congruent created a clear blueprint so that every digital and print piece would in perfect alignment with the Sun Auto brand.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 4.27.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 4.28.07 PM.png

Simple. Upfront. Nice.

Cortland left-simple.png
cortland mid upfront.png
cortland right nice.png

Congruent redefined Sun Auto’s brand image with these three basic words.

Sun wanted to communicate their new shift to transparent pricing and their legacy of community service and honest business. We met with the client and brainstormed internally to find the perfect brand tagline to encapsulate the Sun experience.

With Simple. Upfront. Nice. we captured those ideas and also retrofit them into their existing brand identity as an acronym for Sun.

To bring Sun’s new mission statement to life, we told the stories of the Caputo family, the Sun team, and actual Syracuse car buyers in cinematic brand anchor films.

Social media worth sharing


Prior to working with Congruent, Sun Auto had social media, but lacked strategy. Along with reorienting their brand, we also gave their social media direction.

By constantly engineering new creative, posting, and testing, Congruent was able to dramatically lower the costs for acquiring traffic while simultaneously boosting high-quality traffic from social media and paid media via social.

As an integrated, brand-first agency, we used social to bolster their branding and vice versa. This process created a virtuous circle of marketing to the top of the funnel and the bottom of the funnel — a strategy that virtually every automotive dealer group ignores. This kept Sun Auto top-of-mind for prospective customers before they even knew they were prospective customers and helped Sun’s conquests on a monthly basis.


Marketing like a B2C company

At the end of August in 2017, Facebook removed all third-party data from their ad targeting options. Users used to be segmented based on the makes and models they were researching, bodystyles, income brackets, and much more. These segments helped Facebook be the most lucrative place a dealership could position their inventory. But their NEED for this bottom of the funnel audience was symptomatic of the bigger issue.

Dealers are focused on fighting for the lowest-hanging fruit. When focused on bottom of the funnel activity and advertising low prices to bring customers in the door, no one wins in the long-run.

Congruent’s marketing approach focused on identifying buyers before they knew they were buyers. Serving them paid media in formats they were used to consuming. As simple as it may sound, when we stopped marketing like a dealership and started marketing like a B2C company, we spent significantly less money to sell the same amount of cars. This gave Sun Auto a significant advantage in the area automotive market.


An Infomercial Worth Watching

Sun Auto has been producing infomercials for many years. They’ve essentially become a staple on local TV. Congruent applied a more creative approach to the production with a bigger emphasis on brand-building, getting significantly more value out of the media spend.

Through a robust media strategy, the re-tooled infomercials ran on YouTube to targeted audiences with a staggering 65% view rate compared to the industry benchmark of 25%.



Additional Content Production

Check out Sun’s social media accounts and website: