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It’s not as simple as “you get X, Y, and Z”. It all depends on what your goal is. Our strategic marketing services will help you find inefficiencies in your systems and immediately identify solutions to save ad dollars without sacrificing sales.

After our holistic analysis of what’s working and what isn’t, our world-class team of creatives and marketers will build out your brand to set up success in your advertising and internal operations.


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Services Description


Brand Counsel

We consult with your marketing team monthly with emerging technology, marketing, creative, and Client related industry research.


We produce a final report that provides an analysis of the you platform presence, social activity, reviews, and ad spend. Additional metrics are developed against any approved campaigns or ad spends as needed.

Social Media Posts

Once we have content we post them online organically. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are just a few of the digital platforms we distribute your content. We recommend about one social media post per platform each day. And we train your team on how to make on-brand posts in addition to the agency content.

Community Management

People make comments to your social media content. Subsequently we help you respond to community members who engage with the content. We facilitate topical conversations on all applicable social media platforms and ultimately win fans of the brand.

Brand Strategy 

Each month we review the marketing strategy and make necessary adjustments to the overall marketing mix to achieve business objectives.

We evaluate your marketing data and presence on relevant digital platforms each month. We do this with the aim of generating sales, building brand equity, managing customer services issues, recruiting new brand advocates, inspiring current brand advocacy, and educating the public on your initiatives.

Quarterly Video Production (macro)

Each quarter we will produce a longer form video with photography. Consider this macro-production the source material for the day-today content

Macro-content is typically a long-form video, various cuts of that video, and supporting imagery from that production. These productions take a few weeks to produce and take considerable planning.

Influencer Management

We work with you to find and connect with the social media influencers Social media 

Marketing Planning

We meet monthly with your team to review the previous quarter’s data then develop a plan to achieve your business objectives. Our plan assigns various members of our and your team and resources to achieve the agreed upon goals.

Micro-Content Production

We develop pieces of creative, platform-specific content for your audience. Your content will be derived from a deep understanding of the community and their interests, and will be disseminated through a diverse range of media (photo, .gif, etc.). It’s designed with an aim to drive broader brand marketing/business imperatives, brand awareness, and brand advocacy.

This is typically an image, graphic, video, animation, copywriting, print document, and/or a combination of those items. We call this micro-content. It’s a single piece of micro-content typically takes less than 2-hours to produce, and never more than 8-hours.

Paid Media Services (Digital and Traditional)

We manage your advertising budget with the goal of REDUCING your ad spend in relation to sales. We establish relationships advertising vendors and lay the framework for media buys. We develop a cohesive media buying strategy. And we provide that tracks progress against key performance indicators of ad placements and includes recommendations for refinement going forward.

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We're passionate about our jobs as makers and connectors, but we love to show up everyday because we get to make and connect with each other.


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This is when your brand connects and your business grows. (Your competitors might be a little jealous too)

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