The Problem

Your marketing spend stays the same or increases while your sales are flat or decreasing. 

This means your advertising is simply not connecting with your audiences. It’s not relevant, stale, or gets filtered out as noise in an increasingly saturated media environment.

Traditional media channels and price+payment videos are losing their value.

Do you want to sell more cars and schedule more service appointments, while reducing your marketing spend?

The Solution

Brand-oriented, digital-first videos will increase your reach and your sales.

The most powerful videos are strategically crafted digital content specifically designed for your local car buying market.

Our videos are produced with a human approach.

This means we consider your market, your customers, and your brand. People don’t connect with price and payment. They connect with stories.

Check out our work!

The Plan

  1. Shift your marketing spend from traditional to digital.

  2. Produce videos created exclusively for your brand.

  3. Run the ads, measure results, and make daily modifications as needed to constantly improve results.

  4. Sell more cars!

We created an offer exclusively for Digital Dealer 2019.

  • 90 Days of Digital Content

    • (2) 1-minute videos

    • (30) 15-second social media shorts

    • (60) images

  • Process

    • (2 weeks) planning, creative concept, and mood board

    • a full-day shoot at your dealership

    • (3 weeks) edit and produce final deliverables

    • see how we do it

Production Price $27,000
Limited Digital Dealer Price $21,000