We all know that there is so much more to your sales performance than SEO, paid search, and programmatic ads. Then why do most automotive marketing audits only include a narrow view of a few data inputs and outputs? It’s time for a common sense approach. We’ve created the only offering in the automotive industry that considers everything. We look at your brand, business model, reviews, marketing data, and sales opportunity. You’ve never had insight like this.

  1. You order the audit

  2. We deliver an insight report that works

  3. You spend less per car, and sell more of them.


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What We Do

The Audit Process

To offer the best recommendations, we’ll need a deep understanding of your current business objectives and marketing operation. We will meet with your team (in person or remotely if your prefer), analyze the data, and research your market.

The process includes:

  • an assessment of your total marketing and advertising spend (labor, agency, traditional, digital, third-party, everything);

  • an on-site visit (or remote) to understand current marketing and sales operation, consumer experience, and team;

  • analyzing in-market shopper psychographics to understand key buying factors;

  • researching immediate competitors to identify what differentiates your brand; and

  • evaluating your current recruiting and hiring process to expose potential synergies with your sales efforts.

Tools we’ll use

  • Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and other website CMS data

  • CRM and other sales software

  • sales and marketing materials

  • digital advertising platforms and spending (Facebook, Google AdWords, Cars.com, etc.)


What You Get

The Audit Deliverables

The primary deliverable of the audit is our Insights and Recommendations Report. It’s designed to be usable by your leadership, marketing team, and customer experience team.

We perform a holistic analysis of what’s working and what isn’t. Then, we provide solutions that you can implement today.

  1. Informed insights on:

    • your current marketing effort and spend in relation to industry benchmarks; and

    • your current brand messaging in relation to customer feedback and psychographics.

  2. Immediate next steps that will increase your sales without increasing your spend. These are actions you can implement without any agency support!

  3. Recommendations that will make differentiate your marketing from your competitors and connect with your customers on a human level.

  4. A marketing best practices packages to educate your current and future team.

  5. The relief of knowing you’re not wasting ad dollars on ineffective marketing.

Audit Excerpts

Marketing and Brand Experience Audit - $7,000

All Audits Include:

  • On-site visit with our team covering one geographic location of up to a 75 mile radius

  • Analysis of your total marketing spend

  • Analysis of your messaging & marketing with your target audience

  • Immediate marketing recommendations

  • Current marketing best practices

  • Considerations for next steps


  • Additional geographic locations (+$1,000)

  • Additional analysis for unique brand segment, audience, or location (+$1,000)

Available Discounts:

  • Audit price can be applied as a discount to future Congruent subscription marketing services

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