A full-service agency that creates powerful automotive brands. 

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We Build Powerful Automotive Brands.

Marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing

It’s no secret, customer’s don’t buy ‘em like they used to. The internet has cut out the fluff and social media is forcing the industry into brutal honesty. There is no where to hide and dealers who embrace this truth and develop their brands around it will disproportionately gain market share over the next 5 years.  

Within three months of starting Sun Auto’s marketing cost-per-car sold decreased 36%.

Strategy. Production. Execution.

Whether it's a video production or a comprehensive marketing campaign, today's brands need to market to their audience on a personal level. Our boutique agency's tailored persona research leaves you with stellar creative media and a deeper understanding of your company and those you serve.

From brand consulting and campaign strategy to creative paced at the attention of today's user, we'll tailor a campaign to surpass your wants and meet your NEEDS.

In less than a year Sun Auto saw a 27% increase in brand related searches.



Agency Of Record

Congruent is a full-service agency for auto dealerships. We help can you manage your entire marketing and branding effort with our monthly retainer.

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Brand Development

We believe in brand-first marketing. Our brand development process defines your brand and messaging that connects with your audience.

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Employment Branding

Congruent helps dealers build employment brands. Dealers require a focused effort to recruit and retain the best talent.

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Content Production

Congruent produces content that gets attention and connects with audiences. We create content and manage the ad placement.

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